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Parrot Pants hand knits are hand dyed, knitted and embellished by myself, Susannah, a Newcastle based mum of two girls.

I started knitting as a youngster about 25 years ago, and discovered wool as a nappy cover soon after I started using modern cloth on my first daughter in 2005. At the same time I started experimenting with hand dyeing my own yarn with food colouring and that, in combination with knitting and embellishing, soon became my primary past time. Once my oldest daughter had more knits in her wardrobe than she could actually wear, I ventured into the business of knitting shorties and longies to sell, as well as hand dyeing with professional dyes, and Parrot Pants was born in late 2006.

Another year later, I introduced a soaker to my range of hand knits, then in 2010 I added again to the range with my own cardigan and beanie designs. In early 2012 I became a cottage licence holder for tiKKi Knits and I hold a lifetime licence to knit the full range of Georgie's gorgeous designs.

I knit all my items from high quality yarns, hand dyed with professional acid dyes, and the majority of them are custom made. I pride myself on supplying a fantastic, reasonably priced WAHM hand knit that is as gorgeous and unique as your baby :)

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