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What do I need to know from you for a custom order??

***Please ensure you have read the Payment Info on my website before placing a custom order. It can be found here:***


I need your wool choice, colour choice, soaker or shorties or longies, and size to start with. Size Small is approximately a size 0, Medium approximately a size 1 and Large approximately a size 2.

Wool choices can be found here and prices can be found here.

Colour choices can be made from my gallery here on my website or on my Facebook page under Photos, Albums.

However, as garment size can vary with different wools, I do like to get measurements of your bub off you so I can check that I am knitting a garment that is the correct size.

Can I get you to measure:

Waist (bare skin)

Hips (over the largest nappy you would like the pants to go over)

Rise (measure from the belly button, between the legs and up to the same point as the belly button on the back, wearing the largest nappy you would like the pants to go over)

Inner Leg Length (top of the leg - edge of the nappy - to just below the ankle for longies, or to wherever you would like the pants to come to for shorties or capris)

If you have any questions about sizing though please check with me, I'm happy to help with any advice.

I will also need to know if you would like an embellishment and what you would like. There is plenty of inspiration to be had in my Galleries both here on the website and on Facebook but if you have an idea run it by me. I will tackle most things :)

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